Solar System

Solar system, afternoon activity

Large bag of 1x2 yellow bricks.

Brick ideas supplies you with enought bricks to creat a sun with a diameter of 100cm.

Joining all the bricks together.

Get the children working in groups to join all the brick together

Creating the Sun.

once all the bricks are join they where will be enought flexibility and the bricks can be made into a circle. 

If the suns diameter is 100cm the earths diameter would be 9.1 mm the size as a Lego minifigure head !   and it would be 107 meters away from the Lego sun.

This resource come with loads of 1x2 yellow Lego bricks and a minifigure head for earth. A data sheet for the other planets showing size and radius from the sun. This pack of Lego can also be used to teach about radius, diameter and circumferance.


Pluto would be 4.2 km from the Lego sun and a diameter of 1.6mm

This resource can be hired for £30 per half term which includes postage. The school will need to pay for return postage it will be a small parcel (approx £3.50)

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