Hatherleigh Primary School

Great Wall of China.

The Great wall of China, built by yr6.


To round off the Year 5 topic about Dartmoor the children built sections of the Lego map which we joined togather.

Yr 5 Topic of Victorians in Africa.

We talked about some of the people that influenced Africa in the Victorian times and the develpment of railways. We designed and built trains.

Once we had built our trains we thought about some of the problems the Victorians encountered while building the railways......valleys!     so we build bridges for the trains to cross.

We though about how to build strong bridges and decided that using tri-angles would be really strong.



We tested the bridges for strength and sent the trains across.





Year 6 Topic.  Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

First we built a fleet of Viking ships.  (someone forgot to take pictures of them all!)

We then developed some catapults that the Anglo Saxon might have had.

we build the catapult and tested them to see how far we could fire a Lego mini figure, we then modified them to improve the distance fired and recorded the results. We also drew technical diagrams of the catapults.


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