Battle of Britian

Building a Battle of Britian Airfield.

2020 is the 80th anniversery of the Battle of Britian.

To commemorate the 80th Year since the Batle of Britian I have a great workshop that can involve the whole school from reception to Yr6. (approximately 200 children)


We build a Lego airfield, which will include airstrip, airplanes, nissan huts and hangers, plus any thing else that the children wish to build. 


I bring all the Lego and basic plan for the day, but it is a build that evolves over the day as each class come and add to it.


Each class will come and build for 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the school and at the end of the day the finished Lego airfield will be on display for the parents and carers to look at. 


For larger schools wishing to run this workshop it will be nesseccey to split the school in the KS1 & KS2 days.

Motorised Aircraft.

Design, Technology, History, collaberation.

Designing and Building fighter planes that taxi down the runway as fast as possible.

The Children work in groups of 3 to design and buils their motorised airplane. We will look at strong strustures, gears and how to make the model go faster.

This is a morning workshop, for a KS2 Class of 30.

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