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whole school curriculum

brickideas can help schools fulfil the updates to the national curriculum and offers solutions to whole school curriculum while reducing the teacher workload.


brickideas Lego workshops develop pupil skills in all subjects in a cross curricular way with  hands on workshops that fulfils the whole school curriculum approach.


100% engaged

"It was a really educational afternoon which the children thoroughly enjoyed and were 100% engaged through the whole session. The open~ended nature of the afternoon really encouraged the children to innovate and solve problems".

Catapult session. 



Dunsford Primary School.


"You taught my daughter at Chudleigh Primary this week. She came home full of enthusiasm about her day learning about, building and testing the tank she had built with her friends under your guidance ~ I thought it was truly inspirational ! "



Mars 2020. Mars Rovers.

Space explorers and Mars. The children design and build their Mars Rovers in Groups of 3. Design, Technology, Maths.

Moon landing, Moon Rovers.

50 Years on from landing on the Moon, design and build Moon Rovers.  Design, Technology, data collection and Maths.

Drawing Machines

Design and build drawing machines. We get the machines to draw Large and Small circles

Tanks in the Class room
Article by Devon Life A+ Education Magazine.
Tanks in the class room.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [478.2 KB]


Isambard K Brunel: Train design and building. Bridge construction. Using Terchnic Lego each group of children build a section of bridge which is then joined together to span between two tables in the classroom before driving the Lego Train across. 

Romans, celts, invaders.

This session links in to these topics.

The children work in groups of 3 to design and build a catapult. We learn about strong structures and catapult design. We test our catapults and improve our designs. 


Motorised vehicles

Using Technic Lego  motors, the children design and build vehicles which are then tested  on the play ground for speed and timed over a distance. 

WW1 & 2 Tank workshop

Motorised Tank designing, building and testing

Ancient Greeks

Design build and test a waterwheel. using 1 Ltr of water how many time will the waterwheel turn?

Lego School Build

an exciting whole school activity, from reception to year 6. Build your school in Lego!

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